Promotion of PV plants in local communities in FBIH

Project financing

Environmental Fund

                         Federation of BiH

Expected results

Projections indicate that with the promotion of renewable energy and education about PV power plants, the installed capacity of distributed PV power plants is expected to be about 200 MW by 2030. The largest number of such plants would come from smaller, distributed sources with installed capacity ranging from 10 kW to 300 kW, primarily owned by local governments, public institutions, industries, and citizens themselves.

The main obstacle to the development of decentralized solar power plants is the insufficient or lack of information to all interested parties regarding legal regulations, administrative matters, and techno-economic aspects of FN power plant development. This project would remove such barriers and provide a good basis for progress in the field of renewable energy and investment in the construction of decentralized FN power plants.

The expected results were created with the aim of increasing the awareness of decision makers about the importance of EE promotion in their daily work, cooperation with public and private sectors, and budget planning for NGO organizations in this field.

About Project

This project focuses on promoting the importance of renewable energy sources (RES), energy efficiency (EE) and environmental protection (EO) through the use of photovoltaic (PV) power plants in electricity generation. It is necessary to create a vivid picture of all the benefits that such a project and its activities can bring to society. In recent years, the number of FN power plants in Bosnia and Herzegovina has increased significantly, but compared to the EU and other developed countries that invest a lot in FN power plants and other renewable energy sources, this number is still negligible. With the new legal framework, the profitability of installing solar power plants should be facilitated by the existence of prosumers, FiP (feed-in premium) and FiT (feed-in tariff). FN systems are the most suitable technology for distributed production in local communities and in small industrial plants.

The workshops are aimed at representatives of local governments, public institutions and owners of industrial facilities. The aim is to strengthen the capacity of the general public, media, citizens and official representatives of local and cantonal authorities in the planning, approval and licensing of decentralized FN power plant projects. It is planned to organize workshops with experts to convey issues related to RES, EE and ZO and to involve all participants in the discussion.

To raise capacity for better management of energy in public buildings at transnational level.

Project objective

Project implementation period

SEPTEMBER 2022 - JUNE 2023

Project value

BAM 35.000


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