SISMA Final Event

Association Center for Energy, Energy Efficiency and the Environment organized the final event in Hotel Holiday on 8th June 2022, with the aim to present the SISMA PLUS project, SET tool and the possibility of further implementation.

As the target group is represented by local government units in Bosnia and Herzegovina, besides the SET tool and project itself, we took the opportunity to present financing opportunities and introduce them to ESCO financing modalities for retrofitting and improving energy efficiency of public buildings. The representative of the associated partner of the project, the Environmental Fund of FBIH, also gave a presentation on the possibilities of co-financing, as well as on the revolving fund at the Environmental Fund, which is open for the crediting of EE projects on favorable terms.

In this sense, the SET tool can help local authorities to clearly define the resources they need and their own budgets. All the above modalities could eventually be combined and contribute to a better implementation of rehabilitation projects.

During the presentation, the signed SET agreements were also handed out, as the Mayors could not be present and a formal signing was not possible, even planned. In total, 5 SET agreements were signed within the project implementation period, thus setting sustainability of the project itself.