SISMA SET TOOL training program

Representatives of the Association “Center for Energy, Energy Efficiency and Environment” within the SISMA PLUS project, together with representatives of the associated partner “Environmental Fund of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina” attended training on the use of SET evaluation tools.

GOLEA and APE FVG (giver “project partners”) have developed an educational program to strengthen the competencies of “receiver” project partners, who will transfer project content and knowledge to end users, especially local communities.

In the first phase, the “giver” partners carried out “Train-the-trainers” trainings, intended for the training of “receiver” project partners. As part of these presentations, educational content for further education and strengthening of local communities was presented, as well as the use of the excel tool SISMA SET TOOL.

The first training program was conducted by the GOLEA agency in Maribor on 18/10/2021 for project partners ENERGAP from Slovenia and CEEO from Bosnia and Herzegovina (“receivers”). This autumn, there will also be trainings for other project partners, which will be carried out by the APE FVG agency from Italy.

In the second phase, the “receiver” partners will supplement the contents of the prepared educational program, which will be based on the local context and needs, and translate the entire educational content. On this basis, they will then continue to transfer content to the participating interested local communities through trainings “Train the end users”.